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Marilou MICHEL alias LOON was born on March 16, 2000 in Monaco where she lives and works.

After a classical course in Monaco, she continued her studies in Applied Arts at the Lycée Henri Matisse in Vence where she obtained her baccalaureate STD2A.

The artist then moved on to Game Art at

E-ArtSup Montpellier in 2019.

September 2021, she joined the Esa Games Marseille School   in order to continue training in drawing, manga, illustration and screenplay.

LOON has been exhibiting her digital creations since 2015 and obtained a "First Young Hopeful Prize" as part of the International Exhibition of Gemluc Art - Monaco the same year.

At the same time, LOON organizes introductory courses in Drawing - Manga - Cartoon for children and teenagers within the Association Les ART'Ochtones - Monaco, a group of professional visual artists of which she has been an active member since 2013.

  • LoOn Illustratrice - Facebook
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